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Truman Eoff The More Loving One


The More Loving One And Other Poems is a very special collection of 20 famous poems recited to music by my very articulate and expressive 7 year old son, Truman Eoff and dedicated to my mother Suzi. This project is very dear to my heart as it involves three things I love: Truman, poetry and music. I’m very proud of my little boy and through him the world is so much more tender, deeper and heartfelt than I ever could have imagined. In a world where the velocity of the human experience seems to be accelerating, I hope people can find time to have a focused listen. Great poetry and art are the antidotes to the caffeinated, often vacuous pop-culture that seems to dominate our lives. These poems are beautiful, disturbing, and powerful – and their depths seem to increase with repeated listening.

The genesis for this album occured as Truman pranced through my recording studio while I happened to be reading W.H. Auden’s poem August 1968. A microphone happened to be set up, and on a lark, I had him read the poem into the mic. His flair and expression floored me. I added some background music and BAM!!! we were off to the races or at least I was. Truman had different ideas and negotiated a deal, he would recite 20 poems for $2 a piece. He drove a hard bargain, but $40, a lot of work and 3 months later we’ve now brought great beauty into the world. To hear samples from the album, purchase a CD or purchase the album via download please visit or

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